The Cattery at Mutts n Moggies

The Cattery at Mutts n Moggies is the only place where you can leave you feline friends feeling like they are completely at home. We have large windows so the cats can see out and the daylight shines through. The pens are double storied and each come with an inter-connecting ramp so they can wander climb or jump as they please. We have enclosed areas at the top of each pen so your cat can enjoy its own privacy should they wish. Or if your cat wants to explore downstairs it can have free roam of the open space.

Why Choose our Cattery?

  • The cats get thoroughly cleaned out first thing every morning
  • Plastic hygienic Perspex pens so it is impossible for the cats to pass on germs. Equally cats are unable to see each other at the bottom level of the pen in order to reduce stress
  • The radio plays 24 hours a day
  • Each cat pen is complete with a bed, pillow, scratch pad, litter tray and toys if required.
  • Litter trays are replaced with clean ones as soon as it is soiled
  • Arden Grange complete food is supplied throughout the day with fresh clean water. In the evening we give the cats a sachet of wet food e.g. Felix or Whiskas. Owners are welcome to bring your cats own food if preferred.
  • The cats are given lots of attention and TLC during the day.
  • New flooring in all pens.
  • We able to cater for families of cats with connecting pens.
  • While cleaning out the pens, we let the cats out one at a time to walk up and down the corridor, we also play with them and throw toys which they loves to chase.
  • Full central heating

All cats MUST be vaccinated with FELV/FLU & ENTERITIS vaccines and must be up to date. Vaccination cards must be shown when the animal is admitted to us. Please make sure that cats have been treated with products from your veterinary surgery to prevent flea and worm infestations.

Still have a few questions or would like a quote? Speak to us directly on 01753 524933

Why Choose
Mutts n Moggies Motel?



An established kennels & cattery.

Not Just Cats & Dogs

We provide boarding facilities for dogs and cats as well as all manner of small furies, rabbits & guinea pigs.

Qualified and Registered Veterinary Nurse

Specialising in administering medication.

Excellent Standard of Care

We pride ourselves on our excellent standard of care for your pets.