Daycare Playbarn for Dogs

Why Choose
Mutts n Moggies Motel?



An established kennels & cattery.

Not Just Cats & Dogs

We provide boarding facilities for dogs and cats as well as all manner of small furies, rabbits & guinea pigs.

Qualified and Registered Veterinary Nurse

Specialising in administering medication.

Excellent Standard of Care

We pride ourselves on our excellent standard of care for your pets.

Here at the PlayBarn we will look after your lovely doggies in a home from home environment. We have sofas, beds and separate secure pens with bedding in if your pet prefers time out to chill.

We have 2 large rooms- a quiet chill room with beds, heating and a tv and a fun playroom with our activity ramp to climb on, a ball pool and our outside activity garden. We also have our large secure paddock where the dogs can be off the lead to play, walk and run with their friends. The paddock includes large tyres and climbing toys to play on.

Each dog will have some 1-1-time with the staff which includes some basic training and human playtime. Once all the dogs have arrived in the morning, we head straight out to the paddock for an hour to play and allow the dogs to get to know each other. When we get back into the barn, we have more play time followed by some chill time. We encourage the dogs to rest and sleep throughout the day. Dogs will each have a Kong or lick matt to help them settle.

During this time, dogs requiring lunch will have this and then be taken out to the activity garden for a toilet break. In the afternoon we go back out for our second paddock session for another hour followed by more indoor play.

Towards the end of the day its groom time, we let the dogs relax by letting us health check them and brush them before owners start to collect them.

  • 7am- early drop off (£5.00 extra)
  • 7.30am to 9.30am - drop off
  • 10am – 11.30am- paddock time
  • 11.30am- chill time
  • 12.00pm -lunch
  • 1.30pm - 3.30pm second paddock time
  • 3.30pm - groom time
  • 3.30pm - 6.30pm playtime inside and out in the activity garden while waiting for owners to collect


Half day (5 hours) - £17.00 per day

Full day (anything over 5 hours) - £29.00 per day

Full time Daycare (5 days a week) - £27.00 per day

Adhoc (those who don’t attend on a weekly basis): Full day - £32 per day Half day - £21 per day

We can also bath, clip nails, express anal glands, fully groom while here for the day
We can administer medication also throughout the day