The Kennels at Mutts n Moggies

The Kennels at Mutts n Moggies is the perfect place for your dog to relax. At least several times a day your dog will enjoy our exercise areas where they have supervised play and get the daily exercise they need. Our boarding kennels all have large covered runs with cosy, fully heated bedrooms to keep your dog warm when needed and each unit also has its own light and radio.

We have 10 kennels designed for smaller dogs, 24 medium, and 11 large kennels. We also have a large family unit with a very large bedroom and run which can house up to 3 large dogs.

Why Choose our Kennels?

  • All our kennels are central heated with the walls insulated so are very warm and snug
  • All floors are tiled in the individual dog kennels which allows easy cleaning
  • The kennels are divided into separate blocks and we have both quiet and noisy zones dependant on your dogs mood and character.
  • We offer a range of kennel sizes to house any size dog from a Great Dane to a Chihuahua. Our kennels are also big enough to home families of dogs if required.
  • All outdoor runs are sheltered to protect from the weather.
  • Your dog can enjoy using our grass paddock for exercise and a different environment. We spend time with each dog and play with them while in the paddock throwing toys and dogs can run freely off the lead.
  • If dogs are well socialised and get on with other dogs we let them play together supervised in small groups in the grass paddock
  • The dogs night time beds get thoroughly cleaned out first thing, while the dogs are in the outside runs.
  • Brought back in for their breakfast, then a lovely walk around our large field or a play in our paddock.
  • The dogs are in and out of the outside runs throughout the day to prevent them getting bored and to have contact with our friendly staff.
  • All beds and runs are checked throughout the day and cleaned when needed, waters topped up with clean fresh water
  • The dogs have their evening meal and let out for a last toilet break before being tucked up for bed. Once tucked up in bed this gives time for the outside runs to be thoroughly cleaned as well.

All dogs must be up to date with their annual vaccinations which needs to include Kennel Cough.

Still have a few questions or would like a quote? Speak to us directly on 01753 524933

Why Choose
Mutts n Moggies Motel?



An established kennels & cattery.

Not Just Cats & Dogs

We provide boarding facilities for dogs and cats as well as all manner of small furies, rabbits & guinea pigs.

Qualified and Registered Veterinary Nurse

Specialising in administering medication.

Excellent Standard of Care

We pride ourselves on our excellent standard of care for your pets.